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Something Frivolous Perhaps?

With the warmest days since last autumn upon us, and given that the peas and other cold crops were in the ground, we decided to undertake something somewhat frivolous this past weekend in the vegetable garden. When we fenced the veggie garden in the spring of 2013, we left two tall posts at the entrance with some hazy idea that a grand garden needed a grand entrance.

fencing the veggie garden 2013
Karen in the spring of 2013 with the two posts at the entrance to the vegetable garden.

But things got busy, and we never did much with it beyond adding a gate and an interesting piece of reclaimed wood to the top.

2017-04-23 09.35.30

As we were repairing and replacing raised beds earlier this spring, we got to thinking about just what we might like to do to add a little interest (and utility) to the place where we spend so much time in the summer.

The concept for a covered entrance was born–covered, of course, because we wanted some easy access protection for the implements we use the most in the gardens AND because we needed a delivery device for our old crow (but more on that later).


So it was off to Storer Lumber for some native rough cut hemlock and spruce to match scrap wood from the barn renovation project. We love trying to re-use everything and anything we have on hand. For example, the pickets on the garden fence are all cut from scrap boards that we found on the property. For the garden entry, we remembered we had a couple of old windows in the barn that used to be installed where Karen’s studio is now. We’ve been looking for a place to repurpose those!

The new entryway is on the NW side of the garden, so we were not overly concerned with it shading the garden beds, since the barn already blocks the late day sun.

Getting the pitch of the roof just right was a bit of trial and error, but once we decided what looked good to our eyes, we headed into the shop to build the rafter assemblies.


With the rafters built, we headed back to the garden, and affixed them in place. We used 2×3 material across the rafters for the cedar shingles.


And then we started nailing the shingles in place. It had been a while since we’d shingled anything, and it was good to get into the zen-like rhythm with the temperature in the 70s. Except for the lack of foliage, it almost felt like summer!


With the shingles in place, we made a ridge cap from some hemlock boards joined at a bevel cut at the peak. Remember how we said the entry way was really a delivery device for a cool old crow?


Finally we added a little shed-nook onto the northeast side of the entryway for those garden implements we use the most.


We think we’ll add a piece of canvas here that we can roll down during gales for some added protection.


A few more aesthetic details and we were ready to move back into rebuilding and repairing raised beds, building the lid to the compost bin, clearing out the gardens around the house, prepping the lawn for summer….

The list goes on and on…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!



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