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Last Freeze Date Approaches – More Planting!

20170516_151013We generally look to the third week in May as the last freeze date at Three Bird Farm. Often the last freeze is earlier, but we’ve found that for certain crops, we wait. Regardless, the date itself serves as a demarcation point–a get-yer-butts-in-gear exclamation point. This is the time!

This year we’re a little behind on some veggies we would have liked to get in the ground sooner like, but it’s been cold and wet with some very high winds. Today we planted a couple varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and leak seedlings, and we transplanted some strawberry plants. In addition, the greens got thinned (and the ducklings got the goods!).

After a Nor’Easter that’s going to dup a fair bit of rain, we’re looking forward to some nice weather later this week, so there will be a lot more planting activity to come.

Oh…and weeding! 🙂


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