ducks, Injuries, Silver Appleyards

Goose’s Foot or Leg Injury


As anyone with animals (or plants, for that matter) knows, life isn’t all rainbows and puppies. You may recall Amelia’s injury last summer, and how challenging that was for all of us–the uncertainty, the worry. Unfortunately, we’re currently dealing with a situation with another of our ducks, Lucy.

20180330_094619 (1)Lucy, who more commonly goes by goose, was limping somewhat Friday morning when I went out to feed the ducks and turn them out. I inspected her foot (my better half was out of town, so it was a little challeging), and I didn’t see anything like bumblefoot, but I did see some swelling. She stayed in the run all day, but by the evening, she was full-on lame.

Because it was the weekend, we could not take her to the vet right away, so we did our best to minimize her walking on it and made an appointment for today. At this point, we’re thinking it’s probably a sprain, but we’ll know more at 3. Please think good thoughts for Goose!


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