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When it Rains it Pours

Angus - Silver Appleyard Drake

We’ve had more snow than rain this month, but the title of this post is metaphorical. Today Angus was lame. Those of you who have been following along know that Lucy (aka Goose) has been on antibiotics for a little over a week now for a foot issue. As we’ve already posted, she’s doing better, but poor Angus.

Angus is one of our two drakes, and he certainly is a handsome silver Appleyard. We didn’t get a great look at the area of injury on his foot this morning, but we’re going to start with epsom salt soaks when Lucy gets her 2 pm antibiotics. We think he may have punctured his foot while climbing deep into thorny thickets. It’s the time of year when our boys seem keen to find “love forts” and then call their favorite girl in.

As always, the duck crew over at Backyard Chickens has been great with advice. In particular, while we do not appear to be dealing with bumblefoot, this thread is full of really useful information on treating foot issues. After our afternoon assessment, we’ll update everyone on Angus’ condition. We’re thinking it’s probably going to be soak, topical iodine and isolation for our big boy.

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