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Counting Down to Day 200 of Coffee with Ducks

CWD-First-PictureAre you a follower of Coffee with Ducks? Do you even know what that is? If not, we’d like to introduce you what may be the perfect anecdote to all that is troubling in the world today: Coffee with Ducks.

Coffee with Ducks–or CWD, as it is frequently called–is really quite simple: one photograph per day of our Three Bird Farm ducks and a cup of coffee posted publicly on Facebook. Sometime there are multiple ducks, and sometimes there is just one. The series started 10 November 2017 with the picture on the left. Our friend Judy Berk asked in the comments: “You going to keep this up all winter?¬†” to which we responded: “We’ll see. There are no rules with ducks! …and we have to drink our coffee somewhere¬†“. And so Coffee with Ducks was born.¬†

Today marks the publication of the 196th Coffee with Ducks photograph, and to celebrate, we’re counting down the top five most liked images from the series and sharing them with you here at the Three Bird Farm blog (although you are more than welcome to check out the whole series by clicking here).

So, without further ado, at number five, with 64 likes we have this gem from 1 February 2018.


Featured here are (left to right) Mouse, Stella and Martha. This is one of the few CWD photos that is captioned beyond simply “Coffee with Ducks.” The caption reads: “Coffee with Ducks – Man Down!”

Tune in tomorrow for the fourth most popular Coffee with Ducks photograph, as well as a few of our favorites that didn’t make the top five. In the meantime, be sure to check them all out and give your favorite ones a like.



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