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Celebrating 200 Days of Coffee with Ducks | Part 3

As you probably know by now, we are counting down to the 200th picture in the Coffee with Ducks series by sharing the five most liked images to date (and a few of our personal favorites!). If you have not been following along, you can head back to the inaugural post in the series to learn more about Coffee with Ducks and see the 5th most liked photograph in the series. If you missed the 4th most liked picture, you can see it here.

Today, we’re happy to share the number three most liked photograph from Coffee with Ducks. It was taken on 10 December 2017 after a good snowstorm–one of their firsts, in fact (The featured image for today’s blog entry is the ducks’ very first snow experience back in November.)!


Reactions to the photograph, which was liked by 84 people, included the following, with which we could not agree more:

In today’s world of craziness, Coffee with Ducks is fabulous!

max-ducksitting.jpgIn addition to sharing with you the third most liked picture in the Coffee with Ducks series, we also wanted to share a couple of our favorites.

The first (to the left) is from 17 December and is the only day in the last 200 that we were away and needed to rely on a duck-sitter. Of course we have duck cams in the duckhouse and run, so we were able to keep an eye on our very able duck-sitter, the extraordinary Chef Max Miller (who promised he would not cook any of the ducks while we were away).

The other picture we wanted to share with you today is this great picture of Angus trying out his wings on 19 March. Silver Appleyard ducks are two heavy to fly far, but they do like to get airborne when they are able. Fun fact: Amelia is names Amelia because she was the first to practice little flights (before she was attacked by a raptor). These days Angus is the one who lifts off the most–he is a very strong bird but still too heavy to get very far.


Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the second most liked Coffee with Ducks image from the first 200! If you want to see all the pictures now, you can check them out here.


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