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Celebrating 200 Days of Coffee with Ducks | Part 4

By now you know the drill–we’re counting down to the 200th Coffee with Ducks (CWD) photograph published on Facebook, and today we celebrate the second most liked image from the past 198 images (if you need some backstory, read “Counting Down to Day 200 of Coffee with Ducks”). The runner-up is a great photograph that was taken on 12 February, which happens to have been the 100th CWD image in the album! It features Amelia, Stella, Mouse, Piglet, and Angus in the background.


This CWD image has been liked 86 times and received some great (and sometimes witty) comments like this one from a college buddy:

Do they enjoy iced coffee?

…and this one from a dear friend in California:

YAY CWD!!! I look forward to seeing those happy faces every morning; it makes my day💛💛💛💛

…and this one from a friend in Virginia:

I look for my daily dose of CWD – as those days I miss it are now as quacked up as they could be.

There were also some jokers out there, like this high school friend who asked:

What did the ducks have after coffee? Salted quackers!

…and one of the groomsmen from our wedding chimed in:

And so it begins… I’ve been waiting for the album. To be followed by the calendar, the weather app, the trading cards, and the Duck Pint collectibles. Amelia deserves a pint in her honor.

Tomorrow we will celebrating 200 CWD images by sharing the #1 most liked CWD photograph to date! Stay tuned….




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