Three Crow Brand Cream TartarThree Bird Farm is a small farm in Midcoast Maine. The name honors the farm’s 1870s owner Almon Bird and his family’s Three Crow spice brand. You can learn more about the history here.

Three Bird Farm exists somewhere betwixt a homestead and a gentleman’s farm. To wit, we grow our own vegetables and fruit as seasons permit, and we have a small flock of silver Appleyard ducks that are fantastic egg-layers. We can and preserve, and we share some of the fruits of our labors in the Karen Talbot Art Gallery, which is usually open Thursday through Sunday from the third week in June until early October (other time by appointment or chance).

We are continually adding gardens, trees and other improvements around the property with an eye toward native species. In addition to producing some of our own food, the property serves as the outdoor studio and classroom for the resident artist and scientific illustrator who teaches workshops on-site during the summer. More here.

In short, we are keen to honor the fascinating history of this place while at the same time thinking of new ways to innovate around concepts of sustainability, community and beauty. We hope you’ll join us on this journey either here or in person at Three Bird Farm.