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Ducklings in the Garden!

It's been a fairly wet and cool spring here in Maine, so the silver Appleyard ducklings are still living inside. They do however enjoy their forays into the yard when weather permits. Today we introduced them to the vegetable garden for the first time. That is where they will start earning their keep by keeping… Continue reading Ducklings in the Garden!

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New Fruit Trees

On Thursday, we drove up to Winterport, Maine to pick-up some bare root trees from Winter Cove Farm. If you read the Three Bird Farm Blog, you know we love supporting local farms, and Winter Cove Farm is no exception--we'll certainly be visiting them again. Jill and Brian are self-described "fruit explorers" focused on fruits that… Continue reading New Fruit Trees

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Does It Get Any Better Than Ducklings’ First Swim?

There are times when you say "Does it really get any better than this?!" We had one such moment today when our silver Appleyard ducklings, at day 12 post-hatch, had both their first outdoor adventure and their first "swim." As expected, they took to water like...well...ducks. We've found that many people are unaware that ducks… Continue reading Does It Get Any Better Than Ducklings’ First Swim?

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Last Freeze Date Approaches – More Planting!

We generally look to the third week in May as the last freeze date at Three Bird Farm. Often the last freeze is earlier, but we've found that for certain crops, we wait. Regardless, the date itself serves as a demarcation point--a get-yer-butts-in-gear exclamation point. This is the time! This year we're a little behind on… Continue reading Last Freeze Date Approaches – More Planting!