Barn, Structures

Hanging The Other Aisle Door

We're finally getting around to building the second sliding door for the shop/Angler's Pint Fulfillment Center. You can see the first door which we built a couple weeks ago in the background of the picture to the left. As you can see, we've also been busy packing and shipping Angler's Pints! This door is almost… Continue reading Hanging The Other Aisle Door

Barn, Structures

First of Three Sliding Doors for the Shop

With the new shop/Angler's Pint Fulfillment Center framed up and insulated, it was time to get some doors hung between the shop and the aisle. We planned for two doors opening onto the aisle. One is near the front sliding doors of the barn, and will be "people-width." The other is about halfway down the… Continue reading First of Three Sliding Doors for the Shop