First Lawn Mowing Kicks New Compost into Gear

As you may have read, we recently started a new composting system this year at Three Bird Farm. It's been a cold and wet spring to date, however, and so, while we approached the 100-degree F mark in late April, we have not really seen the compost move into the active phase yet. Yesterday, we… Continue reading First Lawn Mowing Kicks New Compost into Gear


Compost 2.0 Doing Well!

We started Compost 2.0¬†around 11 April, and it's been a pretty chilly, wet month punctuated with one weekend of warm weather. I'm pleased to report that our new compost bin is doing well despite not a great green-brown ratio and the weather. Today we hovered just under the magic 100-degree F point of demarcation in… Continue reading Compost 2.0 Doing Well!