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Finally….Peas Planted!

Last Friday I think the temperature actually hit 60 F, and it was sunny and almost....gasp...spring-like. We finally got into the garden! Then on Sunday and Monday new icicles started forming. Temps dipped back into the 20s. Then came the deluge with inches of rain. Today, while certainly not spring-like, was nonetheless the day for… Continue reading Finally….Peas Planted!

Gardens, Raised Beds, Spring Planting, Vegetable Garden

Are We Late? A Brief History of Spring

With the snow almost entirely melted after yesterday's storm, it's time to start thinking seriously about prepping the garden beds and planting those first seeds in the vegetable garden. It feels like a late start this year, but as I look back through pictures (like the one below), I see that we didn't even start to… Continue reading Are We Late? A Brief History of Spring

Gardens, Peas, Raised Beds, Spring Planting, Vegetable Garden

Pea Planting!

I know. I know. We're super late getting our peas in this year, but I'm happy to report that the first batch is now planted in the new raised bed we built this year for peas. This year we've planted the following varieties: Long-Vine Sugar Snap (Pisum sativum) Dwarf Gray Sugar (Pisum sativum v. macrocarpon)… Continue reading Pea Planting!