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Last Freeze Date Approaches – More Planting!

We generally look to the third week in May as the last freeze date at Three Bird Farm. Often the last freeze is earlier, but we've found that for certain crops, we wait. Regardless, the date itself serves as a demarcation point--a get-yer-butts-in-gear exclamation point. This is the time! This year we're a little behind on… Continue reading Last Freeze Date Approaches – More Planting!

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Duck-Proofing the Seedlings

Today, beneath bright sunshine and temps in the 50s, the seedlings on the first round of mixed greens started to appear...and with our first little flock of ducks arriving soon, we decided to think about duck-proofing a few of the beds. We'll want our silver appleyard ducks in the garden to forage for pests like… Continue reading Duck-Proofing the Seedlings

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Something Frivolous Perhaps?

With the warmest days since last autumn upon us, and given that the peas and other cold crops were in the ground, we decided to undertake something somewhat frivolous this past weekend in the vegetable garden. When we fenced the veggie garden in the spring of 2013, we left two tall posts at the entrance… Continue reading Something Frivolous Perhaps?

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Pea Planting!

I know. I know. We're super late getting our peas in this year, but I'm happy to report that the first batch is now planted in the new raised bed we built this year for peas. This year we've planted the following varieties: Long-Vine Sugar Snap (Pisum sativum) Dwarf Gray Sugar (Pisum sativum v. macrocarpon)… Continue reading Pea Planting!