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Ducklings in the Garden!

It's been a fairly wet and cool spring here in Maine, so the silver Appleyard ducklings are still living inside. They do however enjoy their forays into the yard when weather permits. Today we introduced them to the vegetable garden for the first time. That is where they will start earning their keep by keeping… Continue reading Ducklings in the Garden!

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Does It Get Any Better Than Ducklings’ First Swim?

There are times when you say "Does it really get any better than this?!" We had one such moment today when our silver Appleyard ducklings, at day 12 post-hatch, had both their first outdoor adventure and their first "swim." As expected, they took to water like...well...ducks. We've found that many people are unaware that ducks… Continue reading Does It Get Any Better Than Ducklings’ First Swim?

ducks, Livestock, Silver Appleyards

Ducks 1-Week Post Hatch – All is Well!

The silver Appleyard ducklings hatched about a week ago, and boy are they growing fast! We're happy to report that all is well, although we realize we need to accelerate our plan for moving them to a larger brooder and/or into the duckhouse (we'd planned on a 1 June move date to the duckhouse). Dave… Continue reading Ducks 1-Week Post Hatch – All is Well!

ducks, Livestock, Silver Appleyards

Make Way for Ducklings!

Today we drove up to FullĀ Fork Farm in China, Maine to pick-up our seven silver Appleyard ducklings! Anson, with whom we had connected via Craig's List, met us when we arrived, and we had a chance to meet our ducklings' parents, as well as some goslings that were having their first outing. Our ducklings were… Continue reading Make Way for Ducklings!