As of the 2018 growing season, we are maintaining seven gardens. The biggest, and the one that gets the most attention, is the veggie garden. Then there is the Butterfly Garden, the Meadow Garden, the Parking Space Garden (for lack of a better name), the Front Garden, and the gardens around the front of the house. This year we will also be planting a border garden along the driveway. In the future, we’ll write more about each garden here.

The Vegetable Garden

2014 veggie garden

from 2014

The Pollinator Garden

pollinator garden 2016

from 2016

The Meadow Garden

meadow garden 2015

meadow garden path.jpg

from 2015

The Parking Space Garden

The Front Garden

front garden 2016

House Gardens

front gardens 2015

from 2015

Driveway Border Garden